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Toga Limited Review 2019 – a Big Opportunity to make money online or get to 5000$ in 2019?

What’s Toga Limited ?

Toga Limited Reviews What Is It

Toga Limited is an MLM program that you can earn money with the promised ROI that they offer and by referring others to the program that makes an investment.

The niche that I would consider the company to be in is the social media MLM niche.

Company Overview

When taking a look at the company information we like to see who owns or runs the company on one of the company pages.

This gives us the opportunity to learn more about the experience and background that the owner has.

Toga Limited Company Owner Founder CEO PresidentWe found that Michael Toh Kok Soon is running the company.

The company is stated to be based out of Nevada in the United States but when digging a bit further the address is a virtual address that is shared with other businesses.

When researching a bit deeper we found in a 10-k report that was published back in 7-31-2017 the address for the company is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia.

The company website states that Michael has many years of experience in market development and business.

When we looked for any prior experience that Michael has had within the MLM industry, we were unable to locate any information or prior experience.

He is, however, a founding member for the company Gen 5 Global which is located in Malasia and is in the telecommunications industry that has 15 branches.

That is all the information we have on the company, let’s move on to the next section.

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What Products Do Toga Limited Offer?

Toga Limited Products Review No Retail

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at the products that Toga Limited offers.

When running an MLM company, it is required to offer a retail product or service, but when searching the company website of Toga Limited, I was unable to find any.

It looks like the only option you will have is to join as an affiliate member that will give you the ability to refer other people that join as investing members as well.

Once you join, you will gain access to their social network platform that they compare to as a Whatsapp, Facebook, and WeChat type of social platform.

The programs that they offer that are connected to Toga Limites are:

  • Togago
  • Yippi
  • Eostre Wave
  • and others

This is all we have on the products that Toga Limited has to offer, let’s move on to the next section.

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How Does The Toga Limited Compensation Plan Work?

Toga Limited Compensation Plan Breakdown

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at how the Toga Limited compensation plan works and how you can make money with it.

There are basically 2 ways that you can make money with Toga Limited which are through the promised ROI and with referral commissions.

  • ROI Commissions
  • Referral Commissions

ROI Commissions and Getting Started

When you want to get started with Toga Limited you are going to have to invest into one of the package levels that they offer to get started.

The investment that you make will start earning TogaChat points (TC’s) that will earn you a promised ROI amount depending on your investment level.

There are a total of 7 investment levels that you can start at which are:

  • Bronze Package Level – This level requires an investment of $100 for 200 TC’s.
  • Silver Package Level – This level requires an invest $300 for 750 for TC’s.
  • Gold Package Level – This level requires an invest $1000 for 3000 for TC’s.
  • Platinum Package Level – This level requires an invest $3000 for 10,500 for TC’s.
  • Titanium Package Level – This level requires an invest $10,000 for 40,000 for TC’s.
  • Palladium Package Level – This level requires an invest $30,000 for 135,000 for TC’s.
  • Rose Gold Package Level – This level requires an invest $100,000 for 500,000 for TC’s.

When you are ready to “cash out” your points, you will have to do it using the Toga Exchange which they have included.

The cash-out will supposedly be a higher amount that you initially invested.

Only the company has determined the value of the TogaChat Coin and is basically worthless outside of the company.

There are other factors when it comes to the ROI that you will earn that are not disclosed on the main company website pages.

Let’s take a look at how you make money with referrals.

Referral Commissions

To earn additional money with Toga Limited, you will have to refer people that also make an investment.

The more people that you refer that make an investment and the more team members join your downline will give you that ability to move up in rank and earn more money.

The first part that we will cover are the ranks that you can qualify for in the company.

The higher the rank will mean the more money that you can make overall.

Toga Limited Ranks and Qualifications

Once you get started, you will make that initial investment and then you are going to want to start to get to work by referring other investors if you want to make more money than just from the promised ROI that the company offers.

There are a total of 5 ranks that you can qualify for in Toga Limited.

Here is a breakdown of each rank and the qualifications you need to reach each one:

  • Sapphire Rank – To qualify, you will need to earn at least $500 per month in the residual commissions pay plan.
  • Ruby Rank – To qualify, you will need to earn at least $1500 per month in the residual commissions pay plan.
  • Emerald Rank – To qualify, you will need to earn at least $5000 per month in the residual commissions pay plan.
  • Diamond Rank – To qualify, you will need to earn at least $25,000 per month in the residual commissions pay plan.
  • Crown Rank – To qualify, you will need to earn at least $50,000 per month in the residual commissions pay plan.

Referral Commissions

Toga Limited pays you a commission when you personally refer new people that make an investment in one of the levels.

Toga Limited will pay you 50% of the investment amount that the person that your referral makes.

**The 50% commissions that you earn is paid out in TC’s.

Residual Commission Breakdown

The monthly residual commissions that Toga Limited payout is by the use of the MLM binary compensation plan structure.

For those that are unfamiliar with how the binary works in MLM, here is a quick breakdown:

  • Binaries only have 2 legs. (left and right)
  • There are unlimited levels deep that can be built to.
  • Each leg counts for its own investment volume.
  • Each leg’s level dep will double that amount of spots starting from 1.
  • You need an active referral on the left and right leg to qualify for commissions.
  • You need investment volume on both legs and commissions are paid out on the weaker (less volume) leg.

At the end of each day, the company tallies up the investment volume from both legs and pays you a percentage of the total from the leg that has less investment volume.

Now, depending on your qualifying rank in the company will determine how much you can earn with the binary each day.

Here is a breakdown of what you can earn each day depending on your rank in the company:

  • Bronze Rank –  When you are qualified for Bronze you can earn 4% of the total investment on your weaker leg and can earn up to $100 per day.
  • Silver Rank –  When you are qualified for Silver you can earn 5% of the total investment on your weaker leg and can earn up to $300 per day.
  • Gold Rank –  When you are qualified for Gold you can earn a 6% of the total investment on your weaker leg and can earn up to $1000 per day.
  • Platinum Rank –  When you are qualified for Platinum you can earn 7% of the total investment on your weaker leg and can earn up to $3000 per day.
  • Titanium Rank –  When you are qualified for Titanium you can earn 8% of the total investment on your weaker leg and can earn up to $10,000 per day.
  • Palladium Rank –  When you are qualified for Palladium you can earn 9% of the total investment on your weaker leg and can earn up to $11,000 per day.
  • Rose Gold Rank –  When you are qualified for Rose Gold you can earn a 10% of the total investment on your weaker leg and can earn up to $12,000 per day.

**The way the Toga Limited pays out these residual commissions is with a 75/25 split.

75% is paid out in the TC points and the remaining 25% is paid out in their app currency.

Leadership Bonus Commissions

When you are qualified at the Sapphire Rank and above, you will qualify for this additional bonus commission.

In almost all companies that offer this type of commission, the company sets aside a certain percentage of total company profit per week/month/quarter.

OR, this might also be a percentage of the total downline investments that you have on your TOTAL team?

Either way, the information is not specified on the where this bonus is coming from, or when it is paid out.

Here is what we do know:

  • Sapphire Rank – Qualified Sapphires will earn a 1% from this bonus commission.
  • Ruby Rank – Qualified Rubies will earn a 2% Leadership Bonus
  • Emerald Rank – Qualified Emeralds will earn a 3% Leadership Bonus
  • Diamond Rank – Qualified Diamonds will earn a 4% Leadership Bonus
  • Crown Rank – Qualified Crowns will earn a 5% Leadership Bonus

That is all the information we have on the Toga Limited compensation plan and how you can make money with it, let’s continue to the next section.

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Our Toga Limited Q and A Section

In this section of the review, we are going to answer some of the questions that people may have when thinking about joining the Toga Limited opportunity.

Is Toga Limited BBB Accredited?

No, Toga Limited is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau at this time.

Not having a listing or accreditation does not make a company a scam.

This just means that it doesn’t have a listing at this time and may never have a listing.

There are thousands of companies that are not listed on the BBB that are 100% legitimate.

We personally gauge the legitimacy based on the criteria set by the FTC and SEC.

What’s The Cost To Join Toga Limited?

In order to start earning money with the Toga Limited opportunity, you will have to make an investment.

They offer 7 investment levels that you can get started at which are:

  • Bronze Level – This level will require a $100 investment.
  • Silver Level – This level will require a $300 investment.
  • Gold Level – This level will require a $1000 investment.
  • Platinum Level – This level will require a $3000 investment.
  • Titanium Level – This level will require a $10,000 investment.
  • Palladium Level – This level will require a $30,000 investment.
  • Rose Gold Level – This level will require a $100,000 investment.

Each level will have a promised ROI that you can earn in the company.

Is Toga Limited A Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Is Toga Limited A Scam or Legit Opportunity

In our opinion, there are certain aspects that some may consider Toga Limited to be a scam.

Here are some of the red flags that we can find:

  • No retail products offer to customer only purchases.
  • A promise of an ROI without having an SEC pass.

I don’t think it is a complete scam and it does offer some dynamic structure that a business person wouldn’t take the time to put into place if they were only looking for a short-term gain.

I do think the company does need certain things in place to make it more legitimate when it comes to legality.

I do feel the overall business model is interesting but is it enough?

Only time will tell.

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My Final Toga Limited Review and Thoughts

In the final section of the review, we are going to share our thoughts on the Toga Limited opportunity as a whole.

We have taken the time to learn more about the company, the products that Toga Limited offers, and details about how the compensation plan works.

We have also shared I side of view on why we felt that the company has some red flags and we could consider why some people will find that Toga Limited is a scam.

At this point, you should have a clear understanding of what Toga Limited is, how it works, and how you make money with it.

What are your thoughts about it?

But here is the question…

And Now, My Toga Limited Conclusion

Wrapping up this review, where does that leave us with Toga Limited?

This is a company that’s aiming to offer its own altcoin currency by having affiliates join, invest money into TC points, and then exchange those after acquiring so many of them.

It’s a pretty basic system that could see big returns if handled properly, but there are a couple roadblocks being faced right now — TC points don’t have any value on the public market and their internal value is unknown.

If you really want to try the company out, I’d advise investing no more than $100 to see what happens from there. If you like what you see, invest more. Take it easy and go slow.


Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool review 2018 – The best Keyword Research Tool free online ?

To be ranked high on search engines like google, bing, yahoo… your website must actually be related to the keyword that people enter when searching on the google search engine as google, bing, …

It is important that how to know what are keywords on the internet that within your niche is being interested, and to search for relevant content to the keyword.

By being ranked high, the higher the search page, the your website might be see first, so You will get many benefits of being visited by potential customers. , read the article or buy the product you introduced on the page is very high.

This makes keyword research very important.

And of course there are many tools for you to research keywords such as,, keyword planner, ..
Each tool has its advantages, and sometimes you will need to combine them to get the best keyword research.

In this article I will introduce and evaluate a keyword research tool extremely quality and easy to use. That’s Jaaxy keyword research tool.


Jaaxy Overview

Name      :Jaaxy

Price       :$0, $19 (see here), $49

Website  :

Owners   : Kyle & Carson (Co-Founder of Wealthy Affiliate )



Make sure that when building the content for your website, everything you write wants to target a targeted audience, targeting some keywords that you think people will search for on the web. This will help you get closer to the customers you want. You’ll get more traffic, and make your sales will be easier.

And it’s great if you know exactly what people are looking for, the number of monthly searches, the number of competitors with you, … so you can decide where to focus your efforts, write your own articles, make every article become meaningful, and do not just only write and hope that someone will find your article to visit or not want to pay lot of advertising dollars to buy traffic.

Your success depends a great deal on the content on your website. So, Jaaxy can help you.

Created by Kyle and Carson, co-founders of the great WA community, where you can learn how to build your own online empire step by step, allowing you to join it for free.

Refer: Wealthy Affiliate review 2018 scam or legit

Jaaxy has many useful features,, even free that many other keyword research tools do not have, or have but you will buy them at relatively high cost.

What is JAAXY ?

Jaaxy is an online Keyword Research Tool, collecting search data from three major tools: Google, Yahoo and Bing. Unlike Google’s Keyword Planner, a tool targeted to AdWords advertisers (let you know of the amount of competition between Google AdWords advertisers for a particular keyword), Jaaxy presents search data collected in a way that is more relevant to individuals, searching for all competitors, related to the number of competitor websites for specific keywords (write content and topics like You).

What is Jaaxy’s benefit ?


  1. Finding low competition keywords that make it easy to get instant rankings
  2. Learning how competitive a keyword is
  3. Brainstorming new niche and keyword ideas
  4. Knowing how much traffic you can expect if you choose a particular keyword and rank for it
  5. Saving your keyword lists and organizing them by topic
  6. Searching and buying new domain names and flipping them later
  7. Help you boost your SEO endeavors
  8. Knowing what’s trending and popular on the web right now
  9. Taking advantage of Google’s Instant Alphabet Soup technique automatically
  10. Discovering affiliate programs for your niche and keywords.

and more…

What Are Jaaxy’s Pros


  1. Very easy to use and a friendly interface
  2. Give accurate results in real time
  3. Gets data directly from Google, Bing and Yahoo and combines it with its own proprietary data.
  4. Give more keyword ideas on one search term.
  5. One can find domain availability within jaaxy.
  6. It’s an online application, meaning you can use it on any PC or smart mobile device
  7. It’s mobile friendly, you can use it on any device such as your Smartphone or tablet
  8. Do not require any software to download or installation
  9. Has many good training material available.
  10. There’s a fast and reliable support

and more…

Overview of how to Jaaxy’s work


Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit

Jaaxy’s interface


1. Keyword: Words searched on the net have your keywords

2. Avg – Monthly Search : Tell us how many people are searching for the phrase every month. The higher the number, the better because there is more interest in the keyword.

3. Estimated traffic: Is the amount of traffic you can expect if you rank on the first page of search results, and a higher number is better.

4QSR (cached search results): This is the number of competitors (the website is competing with you, so the lower the number is better and the less competition.) This is the only data that Jaaxy offers, while most other keyword tools. not provided.As recommended in the Wealthy Affiliate, under 300 is the average competitive keyword. Under 200 is a low competition keyword.You are here to select the appropriate content and keywords, helping you to quickly Top in the search results.

5. KQI( Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is great, Yellow is ok, Red is poor):It is very interesting for Jaaxy to help us easily distinguish some of the keyword’s importance levels based on color, which makes it easier to impress and make it easier for you to remember. And there are three basic colors used by Jaaxy

Green. This is the best keyword to use. Using this keyword, you will have a very high chance of being ranked.

Yellow . This is also good to use. Your keywords are competing on an average level, and you will need more quality content to overcome your competition.

Red . Always used in cases of danger, warnings. The keywords shown in this article show that the keyword is highly competitive and therefore difficult to rank. You should not use them, try to change with a similar keyword for better results.

6. SEO Power: Knowing the SEO score for the article, the high SEO scores indicate the quality of the article and the relevancy to the keyword as well. And, longer keywords will better shorter keywords because they are more specific and less competitive.

7. Domain availability: Tells you which domain name you can buy or whether it is available for a particular keyword. Accurate domains still rank well although recent Google updates no longer value domain names that contain keywords, but it is still a good indicator that your site’s name is remembered by visitors, become easier, more involved.

8. Related KeywordsIt’s great to always have hints that help you know what people are thinking about your keywords (and exactly what you type), and they are also interested in what’s relevant to your keywords. Sometimes this also helps you to come up with new ideas to develop your content in line with the interest of the audience.

9. Brainstorm:  It selects the latest trends from Google Trends, Yahoo! Buzz, Alexa Theme, Amazon Best Selling and Twitter Trends, … which will help you come up with many ideas for your articles, topics and keywords.

Jaaxy’s extra features:



1. Site Rankings: Helps you easily check your keyword rankings, website rankings at any time, respectively on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
With this support, you will also see the ability to compete and adapt to the competition.


2. Alphabet Soup: You already know how to use Google Instant to search for keywords, it is really fundamental to research keywords with search pages.
With Jaaxy, this tool has added all the letters of the alphabet to your keywords / key phrases based on the actual searches that people are doing to give you keyword ideas longer.



3. Saved Lists: It’s helpful to save your keywords after you find them and choose which keywords you’d like to study next, or export them as .txt, .csv files to further segment. pick and choose, share it with others or save it for reuse at any time. Jaaxy supports saving the keyword list easily and conveniently.


4. Search history: You will hardly remember and do not want to always remember what you did. This is useful because Jaaxy saves the history of the keywords you searched for earlier, even if you did not save those keywords to your saved list.


5. Search Analytics: Supports you to view information about pages listed on TOP 10 of Google, Bing or Yahoo. This will help you analyze the opponent and have the appropriate development strategy to compete over them. Some analysis information including: Number of backlinks per page, keywords, meta tags, alexa or pagerank rank, …


6. Affiliate Programs: This is a feature that allows you to search for affiliate marketing programs related to your keyword / niche.

However I do not appreciate this functionality, as usual, You can easily search for such programs very easily when up Google typing structure: Keyword + affiliate marketing program, is also out get results.

However, integration is nonetheless convenient for all of us 🙂

Why keyword research tools like Jaaxy are important

Everybody searches on the internet, selects search sites like google, bing, yahoo, … and enter keywords that are meaningful about the content they want to search to help them solve the problem.

Without search engines, many people will becomes difficult, because the internet as an encyclopedia, contain all the knowledge of mankind. And it seems that now everyone who uses the internet can not lack search engines like Google, Bing or yahoo. Of these tools become very important.


Accordingly, when your website is ranked on the search page, especially in the Top 10 on google, the ability of your site to be noticed and accessed is very high, so people compete, try to SEO Keyword, SEO site to race each other reach up the TOP of the search page.

As such, keywords are an essential element of search engine traffic and a place for you to attract visitors to your potential sales, or that means, with as many keywords as possible. The keywords are ranked well, you will have many opportunity to earn more money.

And clearly, this makes keyword targeting is one of the most important parts of online businesses.

So you must do keyword research more.

And of course, with millions of searches, millions of keywords around the world when using the internet, you will not be able to rely solely on subjective thinking by guessing keywords without the support of the keyword research tool.

Keyword research tools help you save time, not headaches and minimize costs.

By quickly and accurately when researching keywords, you will quickly have the opportunity to overcome your competition because you own a large number of keywords and easily achieve good rankings in search results.

It’s great that your prospects are looking anything and they always see your website is on the TOP of Google, Bing, Yahoo. Sure, 90% of them will click on the link that contains your keyword and you will be able to sell and get benefit, after that, maybe them will become long-term customer of your brand.

In many keyword research tools, Jaaxy is really a great tool for you to own right now with many advantages, fast and reasonable price.

Jaaxy’s price

FREE /Starter( $0 ) 

It is great that you can use the free Jaaxy with some functions that are also good enough for you to experience and decide to upgrade to a more professional paid package.

  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • 20 Search Results
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Keyword List Manager
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • 1x Speed
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 SiteRank Analysis Scans
Try FREE now

Pro Plan (Price: $49/month)

Most popular for New websites

PRO pack starts with Starter package and extends functions such as unlimited search, search speed 3 times faster starter package, …

  • Sortable Search Results
  • Unlimited Search History
  • Search Analysis
  • Manual QSR Search
  • Manual Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
  • 2x Multi-Threaded Search
  • 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans
Subscriber now for Only $19/month

Enterprise Plan (Price: $99/month)

Everything From PRO

  • 35 Search Results
  • 5x Speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
  • 5x Multi-Threaded Search
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans
Subscriber Now for Only $49/month

Test Jaaxy for Free

Greate! Before decide to upgrade to a Pro account  You can get 30 free searches in Jaaxy without even giving over your credit card.


Keyword research tools are an indispensable component when you build an online business.

At the cost of Jaaxy is worth the money you spend to use.

To make the decision easy, you can always use Jaaxy for free to get accurate evaluation before upgrading. I also recommend that you try using it for free before upgrading to premium versions.

I am currently using the Lite version, Intermediate version between Free and Pro, but also very effective support for the process of building the website, write my website.


To become a member of Jaaxy Lite you must be a member of Wealthy Affiliate. And it’s great that WA is also a place to help you learn step by step to build a online business, a empire your money online, and you can start with WA as a free member.

With the benefits of using the keyword research tool, and what Jaaxy brings as above, I expect that you will have relevant reviews and more knowledge about a powerful keyword research tool.

If you have any ideas and want to share to everyone, please leave comments under the comments box, I will reply to you soon

Wealthy Affiliate vs MOBE reviews, which is the best affiliate programs online?

I’m sure there are a lot of people wondering and confused in evaluating and choosing between 02 online business training programs, Wealthy Affiliate vs MOBE.

Before writing this review, I also looked at many articles, read a lot of comments, review post, consult the opinions of people on the internet.

And at this time, you are here, which means that you are also looking for a straightforward, clear assessment of this to make the right choice.

Yes, I am a reality as I am both a MOBE Gold Consultant and a Premium Member of WA, and in this article I will show you the similarities and differences between these two programs objectively.

The similarities between MOBE and WA

Both MOBE and WA aim to help people build their own online businesses.

WA and MOBE have a system of courses to help students gradually develop their business

The difference between MOBE and WA

MOBE or Wealthy Affiliate is a scam program:

Sure, the bolth of them is not a scam program.

Both are good programs, proven to be successful when helping others build successful online businesses and make money online by affiliate marketing.

Products of MOBE and WA


MOBE offers a wide range of online business training products, regular business education events For example: business books.

WA courses consist of 05 Core training Courses:


Silver Masterclass: How To Build A Strong Foundation For Your Business.

Gold Masterclass: How To Create A Customer Acquisition Process That Consistently Generates Sales For Your Business

Titanium Masterclass: 3 Day Premium Event Where You Will Learn Marketing Secrets Of The Top Marketers And Businesses On The Planet.

Platium Masterclass: 5 Day Premium Event Where You Will Learn Wealth-Building Secrets From Some Of The Wealthiest, Most Powerful Mentors On The Planet.

Diamond Masterclass: How To Get A Million Dollar Sales Funnel Created While Taking A 10 Day Vacation At One Of The Most Luxurious Resorts On The Planet

The first basic product when you join MOBE is the 21 steps system MTTB (My Top Tier Business course). This is a 21-step system program that teaches you about the MOBE system, how it works, how MOBE pays commission, and the knowledge of how to make money online by creating leads, by way of affiliate marketing with high ticket price.

The MTBB system is simple, You only sending leads to MOBE’s products where they have a dedicated phone team ready to close the sale for you.

MOBE has many other products, suitable for the purpose of customers serving online business. Other products that you can buy for yourself and / or marketing to other customers to receive a commission, e.x: Traffic Masters Academy, Traffic Generator Pro,…


WA offers an online entrepreneurial training platform, which seems to be more personal when it comes to making money online by affiliate marketing.

WA provides complete training, step-by-step guidance through lessons and tasks at the end of each lesson, requires you to complete and a very active community, ready to help.

Details about WA you can see on my review of Wealthy Affiliate

WA courses consist of two main sections:

Online Entrepreneur Certification: The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

Affiliate Bootcamp: The Affiliate Bootcamp training is a 7 Phase (70 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition, you will also be participating in many courses on various topics in building an online business system as: My Training Activity, Training HQ, Class rooms.



==> Recommend: MOBE and WA are both valuable places to learn online business knowledge and make money online with affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate vs MOBE price and upsale

MOBE: $49 MTTB + $19.9/month (affiliate fee) – $2,499+ (upsale)

To start studying and earning money with MOBE, you will need to start joining MOBE by purchasing a $ 49 MTB course.
And to make money with MOBE then you will need $ 19.9 / month to MOBE maintain the done for you system for you as website, landing page, telesales, ..

However, if you just stop here, the commission earned will not be high, you are the standard affiliate marketing, only receive up to 50% commission for each product sold. And if you want to receive more commissions then you need to raise your position to receive commissions up to 90% of the value of the product.

Please note that:

  • You would need a whole new review on each level, but please keep in mind each upgrade is FULL of goodies. More traffic coaching, “free” events, access to extra training, and lots more.
  • If you are satisfied with what you receive with 50% commission for each sale at the standard marketing level or higher at the Silver level, you can stop there to do marketing for MOBE. and receive the corresponding commission.
  • In addition, MOBE is not compulsory . To make affiliate marketing for MOBE, it is mandatory that you just sign up to become an affiliate for MOBE at a cost of $ 19.9 per month.

You can watching this free video you are prompted to sign up with MTTB with $49. After you apply you setup a time with your personal coach via Email, Skype, Phone. They lead and motivate you through the 21 steps. About 3 or so days in you learn how to make $1,250, $3,300,… commissions.

The idea with MOBE is that the more money you put into it the more you’ll get out of it. However, you are always the one who decides should where to stop, so MOBE will only offer you the choice.


Only with standard affiliate level, You also can earn commissions up to thousands of dollars

Read more: You can see how I made $ 1,250 / sale with MOBE here.

WA: $0 (Free Membership) – $49 (Premium Membership) no Upsale

WA is free get started and you do not even need a credit card to sign up. All the training is there for you and you even get 2 free web sites and hosting, how great is that? They even show you how to make it work, step by step.

With Premium account is $ 49 per month, opening up a whole new level of excellence. Remember that Free Starter account is great, so Premium is more awesome! With Premium, you get 50 websites, private access to the owner, and more.

Detail for Starter/Free membership and Premium membership:
With WA you can earn commission when do as affiliate marketing at a Free Membership, but the commission will be lower than a premium membership. Starter Members earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions.

However, I have noticed that many modules are outdated, althought WA has just upgrade the WA system from 2nd of May-2018, while MOBE constantly updated and refined their programs to become better and better.

Wealthy Affiliate vs MOBE Commission

Both allow receive periodic commissions if customers continue to use the service on some paid services monthly. With MOBE is Inner Circle, and WA is when a premium member continues to pay to keep a premium member.


  • 02 level for earning commission
    • F1 (direct sale) = 50% or 90% per value of sale,
    • From F1 sale, E.x if F1 have a sale is F2, than F1 have 50% commission per value of sale, and you will earn 5% commission.
  • Commission depend on the Position of you. If you are at a higher level than the client you refer, you will receive a commission when they upgrade or purchase a course equa with your course you are.
    If the customer buys a course higher than your current position ( count at the time when they purchase MOBE products from you) then you will not have commissions, and the commission will be transferred to your referrers. (pass up commission)


Only 01 level commission for directing sale of you.

Who should MOBE customers be? Who should WA customers be?


MOBE is geared towards those who want to run a business, guide you how to market and create effective leads. It is best for people who know what they are doing, who are more experienced with affiliate marketing, have an established email list or followers group.
Because you will reduce the cost of advertising, marketing, which is not included in the cost of marketing with MOBE ($ 19.9 / month) and course costs ($ 49, or higher: silver , gold, …)

However, with the affiliate marketing system already made available, 90% has been done for you, from website, sales page, offer letter, conversion tracking, sales team, etc. MOBE is great for those who want to do affiliate marketing but do not know much about website techniques.

The marketing work is only 10% for you, how to bring customers to MOBE and after that MOBE will to make sales ,then you will earn commission


WA is for anyone who wants to start an online business with one of their passions. Join WA, you will be taught from starting to end how to create a website / blog built around a niche so you can earn affiliate commissions.

MOBE vs WA, Which is better for you?

WA and MOBE have two different approaches to online business.

WA will have to pay the least amount of money invested but you will need to invest a lot of time creating the appropriate content and SEO before you see any kind of return on investment.

MOBE always diversified programs, new products to advertise. They have a dedicated sales team and you will make money faster because you focus solely on promoting traffic to MOBE’s promotions.
If you want a high commission then higher investment is needed, and MOBE always has the right choice, but you can start small and build your business faster with MOBE.
In addition, MOBE offers you many opportunities to make more money from MOBE through sales contests and rewards for each achievement milestone, e.x: MOBE motor, MOBE vacation, MOBE rings,..


Both systems are good.
If you want to make money fast, can earn a lot of commission, use the system available and can invest $ 19.9 / month, the best for you is select MOBE.

Go to MOBE here

If you want to build your own brand and make money online with your own passion, investing time, learning step by step, having a large and fast support community, WA is the right choice.

What do you think about this comparison, it is true or not, and what is your point of view? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below, it will be great for me and everyone to know about MOBE and WA, I will answer you as soon as possible

New version of Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 – 2nd upgrade since 2005

Wonderfully, on 2nd of May 2018, Wealthy Affiliate community has experienced WA’s new user experience interface.

This is the second time since 2005 that WA has changed the user interface, as compared to the older version (version 1, since 2005 to today), with this upgrade there are also a lot of changes, Kyle said, “It is MUCH improved and This is BIG “.
This shows that WA has been devoted to its creators and developers for a long time and focused on changing the design the Wealthy Affiliate platform to better suit the needs of our users, how to make it more intuitive to navigate, clean up redundancies within the design, set it up for a much improved mobile experience, and make it much more beautiful.

And here are some highlights of  Wealthy Affiliate’s new version.

New visual design and easy navigation

Perhaps after a long period of operation (from 2005) to 13 years, Kyle and Carson found that Wealthy Affiliate also needs to change, optimizing the system to become more appropriate.

And in fact, they have been planning to make this change over a number of BETA tests, with the great work of the design team, and especially the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, two co-owners, founder, both of their personal backgrounds in computer science.

With the new interface, the user experience will feel refreshed and more enjoyable.


Old WA version (Too many navigation menus)


New WA version (The menu has been streamlined)


With the streamlined menu system more meaningful, redundant navigation links have been minimized.

Some category names have been changed to make it easy for the user to remember and not to be confused, like “SiteRubix” is replaced by “Website“, the keyword research tool Jaaxy no longer be Jaaxy and replace by rather the word “Research“,…

With more clarity in menu navigation will make it easier for the user to experience.



Old Wealthy Affiliate



New Wealthy Affiliate

Training: The courses have been centralized in one area

WA Course

Old version



New version

Website: instead for SiteRubix

SiteRubix - Steps to create free business website just in 30 seconds

Old version with SiteRubix menu navigation


New version with Website menu navigation

Live events: easy to follow in the past or upcomming events


Old version



New version

Everyone can see the past events and register for upcoming events within any easy to navigate menu and this presentation is very intuitive.

Research: with Jaaxy Research Tool


Jaaxy in old WA version



New WA version

Support Center:


You will not have to go through each section and find the corresponding help. With the new WA version, the help function has been centralized right on the navigation menu, and you can easily use it whenever you need it.

See detail: Wealthy Affiliate – A Comprehensive Platform Walk-through



With these improvements, WA has shown its investment and constantly improved the quality of the system, which is geared towards the user. Kyle and Carson also look forward to receiving feedback from the community and are constantly innovating, focusing on a strong, friendly WA background in the future. Starting to build a system of earning money, online business in the environment of WA is always an accurate choice with many step by step lessons, daily help you success, value get together with friendly community, wide great.

Join WA for free here


Make money with MOBE is easy ? Earn over $1,250/sale when do affiliate with MOBE

Have you ever heard about MOBE?
What is MOBE? Can you make money with MOBE, really?


If you want to know exactly what you need to know, Google is the best tool to help you find the fastest problem.
Just go to google and enter What is Mobe then there are millions of pages of MOBE information for you to refer.
The source of information is a lot, it depends only on the way how you think about, filters the information and make decisions for yourself.


You see, at this time, with over 1,660,000 search results in 0.22 seconds. This shows that MOBE is also something that many people are interested in and find out.

There are lots of reviews on various aspects of MOBE. There are reviews that suggest that MOBE is a scam, but there are also many sites that offer positive reviews, even writing articles on MOBE.
As a reader you will receive many sources of information, and of course if you decide something, believe it is always good to you, because it is your decision, the path you choose.
Also, With me, before I join any program I also need to learn a lot of information about it, I’m scared of scams, these games are more and more on the internet, the guys standing After the scam company does not need to know who you are, what you are doing, have money or a poor man, and they just need your money.

It is worst to be cheated, it is not only a matter of money, but also you lose faith in many things. I do not want to talk more about scams or problems anymore, because it only makes us think negative, lack of motivation and distance away from our own goals.
With what I have experienced, I think that we always have the power to decide things, so be wiser about opportunities and challenges. We need to know which limit is acceptable to take a chance, you can pay $ 7, $ 49, $ 1000, … and still make sure you are not too much affected. When that opportunity becomes the challenge that you face.

Do you think that only $ 49 for a single time and get the opportunity to earn more than $ 1000 for each product marketing, even $ 3,300. No, never for free forever.

I believe that everything free, low value will result in the corresponding, for example: if you get a free value, you will have to exchange with your time, but the effort and your time is worth more than gold when you all day wasting it without bringing about desired results, especially with affiliate marketing is that you need to make money.

If it is cheap then the knowledge received is just as worth the price you pay, there will not be much that you can apply to success, and You also waste more time to learn, do everything and results also It will be no different unless you are an extraordinary talent.

A lot of people think that MOBE is a scam and I do not give a damn about that, that’s their opinion, and I respect that, and for me, MOBE is an opportunity to make money online by affiliate Marketing Method.

In fact, a lot of people have made a lot of money from MOBE, over hundreds millions, even millions of dollars when doing affiliate marketing with MOBE. There are famous names like John Chown, Ewen Chia,… is very successful when make money with MOBE.



Earn over $1,250/sale when do affiliate with MOBE

Another truth is me. I joined MOBE for in early months of 2018 and had more than $ 3k when signing up for affiliate marketing with MOBE and started earning money with MOBE.


The MOBE’s Daskboard is very convenience to see the conversation reporting:


With MOBE, we can earn a commission over $1,250 per sale and $44.10/sale is easy.


Making money with MOBE is really easy

Making money with MOBE is really easy with all the tools to do affiliate marketing that MOBE made available like Website, Landing page, Email marketing, …

90% MOBE made for you, only 10% You do affiliate marketing



Email marketing:


There is no system for supporting full affiliate marketers like MOBE.

MOBE not only provides knowledge to participants, training for customers to understand the MOBE system through 21 steps, but also guides customers how to market any products online with 30 traffic lessons.

Join the 21-step MOBE system and 30 traffic lessons 


In particular, the guarantee of MOBE is really good and you will have 30 days to get a refund if you do not feel satisfied about MOBE without any reason.


At the expense of being too cheap to start an experience, a new opportunity. If you find MOBE really useful and worthy of investing, learning and earning money with MOBE then that is a great thing; conversely, if you feel cheated, unsatisfied then you can always get your money back quickly, just send a refund request ticket to MOBE’s support team, you will receive as MOBE’s original commitment.

Especially, if you are willing and join MOBE with me, you will get 1-1 support to learn and make money with MOBE as I am doing to get income from MOBE. This is absolutely not a scam, it’s a commitment, I’m always here to listen to you.


I think you would also like to have more opportunities to make money online, and MOBE is a good opportunity for you to try.
It’s great to receive daily email notification of your commission from MOBE.


Thank you for reading this sharing, it’s a fact from me, if you have any thoughts on this, leave it in the comment section below and we will talk about it, bye.

See my commission interview from MOBE


03 steps marketing system have generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales

What’s your problem with marketing system?

When you do business online, there are many steps to grow your business, the most to do is how to attract more visitors to visit the website, increased traffic to your website.

This works with a lot of methods such as using paid advertising campaigns to buy, attract traffic or use sharing strategies on free social networks.

You have to struggle, find potential customers very difficult and may be lost a lot of money for it. However, when potential customers to visit the website, the most important issue is how to sell your products to them, turn them from potential customers into buyers, then also traditional customers, stick with Your products and services, even selling other high-priced products or up-sales

With the simple 3-step marketing system, I’m going to show you the fastest, easiest, and above all, safest marketing system I know of.

When you use it, it can guarantee the most sales and profits possible over the longest period of time.

This 3-step marketing system is so easy a child can understand it, and yet it’s likely that none of your competitors are using it.

Before we go over the 3 steps, it’s important to keep in mind that I’m assuming you have already identified your target market. In order to succeed, you need to identify a reachable marketplace that wants and needs the products and services that you sell.

What’s  3-step marketing system ?

Once you have identified your market, here are the 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Create a sales funnel that attracts a steady flow of the highest-quality leads possible.
  • Step 2: Make those leads a strong offer to get them to make a small initial purchase.
  • Step 3: Follow up relentlessly with your buyers to make them additional offers to do more business with you.

Those are the only 3 steps. You just have to do them over and over again on a regular, consistent basis. Read them again carefully. Do they seem a little simple? Maybe oversimplified? It’s because they are simple. But don’t think they’re too simple, because these 3 steps have generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales for people who have mastered their implementation. When you master these 3 steps correctly and consistently, you end up with a very low-risk system. But it’s a proven money-making system. Best of all, when you do this the right way, most of your competitors simply will not be able to compete with you. You’ll have all the leads and customers you can handle.

Let’s break it down a bit more…

During Step 1

customer problem

Solution for Customer’s problems

You must start by proving to your prospects that your product or service is exactly what they’re looking for, and that it can help them solve a big problem they have. The bigger the problem, the more money you can make solving it. This is how you attract a large number of leads. Adding additional qualifiers – such as making them pay for shipping and handling or requiring them to provide their mailing address on your opt-in form – can increase the quality of your leads, but it will also lower the number of people who respond. When you get this mixture right, you’ll get a steady stream of highly-qualified leads.

Then, during Step 2


Valuable solution

You must prove to them beyond any doubt that the product or service you’re offering is worth far more in perceived value than the money you’re asking them for. Give them a way to get started risk-free or even “better than risk-free” with an initial low-cost offer that protects them fully. You’ll want to test to find the best price, but in most cases, an offer that is between $39 and $99 seems to be the sweet spot for a lot of introductory offers made these days.

And finally, under Step 3


Buy more and buy again

You go back to your new customers with additional offers that get them to buy from you again and again. Depending on your exact model and the types of products and services you offer, you can begin making them big-ticket offers that really put the cash into your bank account. Once you have the trust and respect of a new customer – assuming you have the products and services that justify a premium price – these new customers will gladly spend $1,000 … $5,000 … $10,000 … and even more.

Recommend for you:

 There is a book that I very like to read when learning about online business, when I read it I realized a lot of value, the secret formula behind a successful sales system. How to create a sale funnel, make offers, attract potential customers until they become buyers, close customers, understand what is the cold , warm and hot traffics is very important in online business. I think it will also be very valuable to you, which is the book DotCom Secrets and you can read it here.

Keep in mind that you should get used to the idea that you’re going to spend money to do this correctly.. Especially in the beginning when you’re running ads to attract new prospective customers. Depending on your model, you could spend many times what it costs you to attract a new customer, knowing that you’ll make it up with your upsells. What matters in the end is your ROI—return on investment, which boils down to how much you spend vs. how much you make in the long run. That’s the only thing that’s important.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” ~ Seth Godin

What do you think about the 3 marketing steps in this system? I would like to hear any idea from you and please leave it in the comment section below, I’m interesting to have a chat with you.

What is MOBE ?

What is MOBE?

Are you sure you are interested in MOBE, or if you do not know about MOBE then in this article, I will give you an overview of MOBE, which will be answered to the MOBE question. And why can make money from MOBE?

MOBE (My Own Business Education) made by Matt Loyd (CEO & Founder of MOBE) is a business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

MOBE offers a wide selection of …

  1. Online Product Updates and Training Services
  2. One Day A Coach For Your Success
  3. Daily Training Calls
  4. Traffic Training
  5. Live training events
  6. Exclusive masterminds
  7. Done for you services

… designed to help you along your business journey.

Wondering, what MOBE is really good about ?, if you are looking for more business development skills for your business then MOBE is the place to go.

What is MOBE and how does MOBE help develop its business

As with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a great place to start building a real-time online business with an immediate support community for all your questions. You will succeed even though you know nothing about website techniques, how to write articles, increase sales, rank on google, … with MOBE …

You will help you grow stronger in the world of business online, What do you think when access to a system with many values ​​are given, including:

  1. 21-step professional training
  2. Professional training 1-on-1 business coach
  3. The sales team over the phone closes the sale for you
  4. High traffic trainers
  5. Finished your sales channels
  6. Daily training calls
    … plus all the tools, training, and technology needed to build a successful online business.

You think that with the benefits of the above, your risk in business will be reduced sharply, you will become confident and understand all the problems with the lessons (with steps) with business coaches. Personally, it is 1-on-1.

I would not be sure there are many places to do this like MOBE, and it is a great way to get involved in an online business.

What is MOBE system’s products

MOBE’s products are very diverse. If you are looking for solutions for your online business on the internet, then MOBE is a place you should go because they provide almost everything to help you succeed Online Business.
From free books like Limitless – unlimited (only ship fee only) to hundred of training courses with thousand dollars. You can refer to the course list here. These courses have been helping thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses develop sustainably and consistently, including such names as John Chown, Ewen Chia,…

The easiest way to understand about MOBE is to visit their homepage here, and discover what MOBE will offer customers like you when they join.

In addition to providing online business education products, MOBE also organizes monthly offline events to support, connect customers, and promote MOBE products around the world.


You can follow MOBE’s event calendar to join here


See that, MOBE is the most complete online business education service system, with regular products and events. Not only that, MOBE also offers services called DONE – FOR – YOU. With this service, MOBE will help you complete some of the work required by you such as writing email marketing, banner advertising, video marketing, …


MOBE is a high value affiliate marketing program that has been built for you.
To get started with MOBE, understand the system, how MOBE works and get the values ​​below. You need to go through 21 steps here, the value received includes:

  1. Online business Mindset Trainer (21 steps)
  2. Traffic Coach (30 steps)
  3. 1- On-1 Mentoring
  4. Training call
  5. Training webinars
  6. Daily video dynamics.

You can earn $1,250, $3,300, 5k & 10k commissions with MOBE when making money with MOBE. Everything has been made available to You to 90% of the total work:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Advertising banners
  3. Landing pages
  4. Email marketings
  5. Telesales team
  6. Sales Channel
  7. Conversion tracking, customer.

It is an optimal education and affiliate marketing system that helps you build an online business through licensing and copying.

MOBE’s business model has little inheritance as a franchise model, you get a license to operate a business.

To get there, just copy the strategies of other successful business consultants from MOBE.

MOBE is MLM-Multi Level Marketing?

MOBE uses a bit of MLM elements in their affiliate system, but that’s not all.

Watch bellow video that Mattloy (CEO & Founder of MOBE) explained after asking “is MOBE an MLM?”

MOBE’s system is inherited by affiliate marketing and franchising has been optimized and proved to be successful with a lot of people.


Source from MOBE.COM

For beginners, as soon as you join MOBE, you will have access to the 21-step training program, and you will be assigned a business coach who will take you by the hand and direction. walks you through 21 steps.

In addition, unlike MLM, your income in MOBE is not based on the effort and success of your downline.

With MOBE, your coach will show you how to generate traffic and leads.

Then as soon as you have good access to the system, the MOBE telephone sales team will take over, take care of you.

MOBE is different and unlike MLM …

You do not have to write down friends and family lists
There are no home meetings that you will have to organize
No need to talk to strangers or try to recruit everyone.

With MOBE, you will learn online marketing skills so you can direct traffic to the MOBE channels that have been built for you (sales page, email marketing, etc.).

The best thing that many people are familiar with is MOBE, when traffic on MOBE channels … MOBE sales force will take over and you do not have to phone leads or do any sell at all.

You only need to direct traffic to MOBE channels and have their salespeople take over.

And what a great result when you finally receive a commission every time a MOBE salesman pays you a sale!

What are your options with MOBE?

As what is presented suggests that MOBE is the best possible way for a person like you.
Start with MOBE and you will:

  1. Get access to a coach with 1-on-1
  2. Go through the 21-step training system
  3. Go through the 30-step traffic training
  4. Earn high ticket commissions
  5. …so, You have the potential to generate large revenue streams (back-end commissions) and all without chasing down or selling to strangers.

Simple to start with MOBE, just click on a link to join MOBE here to start your MOBE journey.

What is shared with you is the fact I have experienced, gained success in MOBE and worked with our affiliates. If you need to find out more, do not hesitate to leave a comment below this comment or email me for support.

CLICK HERE NOW to find out how you can start your very own online business today.

You see, this is obviously a chance for you to make breakthroughs in online business sales and make high-fidelity affiliate marketing.

The decision is yours, let me know what you think, I am happy to discuss topics on affiliate marketing, online business and here is MOBE with you.

Again, click on the link below to find out if MOBE is the right solution for you!

FREE Video “Discover Our Secret Formula For Making $10,000 Per Month & More!”

Top 5 Plugin optimized image you should know to improve your website speed up

There are many ways to speed up your website. However, the first thing you should consider is improving the image because this is a very simple method and does not take too much effort and money.

Image have an important role in every website. It gives users the most honest and intuitive view of your products. However, the image is also a culprit horrible increase in page load time.

To make it easier for you to optimize your images, I give you the most comprehensive overview of the Top 05 best WordPress Plugin optimized image  and compare their optimization results.

So, In below comparing, I will use 2 different popular formats JPG & PNG to perform the test.

1. EWWW Image Optimizer (download)


When you install and activate EWWW Image Optimizer, it automatically optimizes all the images you just uploaded to the website. The formats that can be optimized are JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF and it also allows you to optimize the images that were previously in the library. In addition, this plugin can also convert images into a better format if you enable this option in the plugin settings. Examples from PNG to JPG or GIF to PNG and vice versa. This saves quite a lot of space.

Picture format Initial size Size has decreased Percent reduction
JPG 1.4MB 1.3MB 7.2%
PNG 4.4MB 80KB 98.3%

2. Smush Image Compression (download)



This plugin was developed by WPMU Dev, Smush Image Compression and Optimization is available in two free and paid versions. Once you have installed the plugin, you will be taken to the Plugin settings, where you can see how many images have been optimized and configure the image size that you optimized the plugin.
Notice that with the free version, images exceeding 1 MB will not be optimized.

As with EWWW Image Optimizer, Smush lets you optimize PNG, JPG, GIF formats. In addition, you can also optimize images outside Media Libary, such as images stored in the file as PDF type

With premium version ($ 49 / month.), You can compress images up to 32MB.

Picture format Initial size Size has decreased The reduction was
JPG 813KB 793.6KB 5.5%
PNG 631KB 616.3KB 0.1%

3. ShortPixel (download)


ShortPixel is a free and premium plugin that can compress JPG, PNG and GIF formats. Once installed, you will have to sign up for an API Key by providing them with an email address. Each image after upload is automatically optimized and you can have the images already in your library.

This plugin also supports 2 lossy and losy compression methods. It also optimizes all thumbnails created by WordPress and saves a backup of each optimized image to a folder.

The free version will only allow you to optimize 100 images in a month. You can buy more for $ 4.99 / month or by referring others to use their services. Once the optimization process is complete, the plugin will provide you with a downloadable report on the optimization process.

Picture format Original size Size has decreased Reduce the trawmg
JPG 1.4MB 447.88KB 69.39%
PNG 4.4MB 1.92MB 57.07%

4. Optimus Image Optimizer (download)



Developed by KeyCDN, a provider of CDN (Content Delivery Network) services. Plugins come in both free and paid versions.

The free version, if your image is larger than 100KB, will not compress the image.

The $19/year version allows you to compress images up to 5MB.

Picture format Initial size Size has decreased Percent reduction
JPG 97KB 53KB 45.3%
PNG 76KB 73KB 3.9%

5. Imaginations (download)


Image is a new plugin in the image optimization market. Developed by a team of WP Roket – a famous plugin plugin. This plugin will allow you to optimize all images in all popular formats. It requires an API Key to be able to use the service and has all three different compression levels: Normal – Aggressive – Ultra.

As soon as you enter the API Key, proceed to the Plugin installation, where you can select the compression level that suits you.

The free version allows you to process 25MB of images per month and you will receive an additional 25MB if you register for the account. Premium version you can buy monthly for $ 4.99/month for 1GB and unlimited photo size.

Picture format Initial size Muscle reduction Reduce the trawmg
JPG 1.4MB 876.45KB 40.1%
PNG 1.2MB 639.39KB 55.31%


Optimize Image is the simplest way to improve your page load speed.
There are a lot of tools and they have their own advantages, and above are just some of the references that you can use to better understand the characteristics of each plugin. To choose a good Plugin, objectively according to your wishes also real use and evaluation as well as financial ability of each person.

If this article is useful to you, please vote and share it. Thank you !


The Best Way To Make Money Online From Home (review 2018)

What do you think the best way to make money online from home ?

The best business model to use to make money online is definitely Affiliate Marketing.
Nowadays it is trending online business, as it suits a lot of people .

Why and have you heard of it?


It’s the process of making a commission by promoting other people’s products.

Exam with CJ company that: The first, You would say join CJ’s affiliate program and they will give you many link to each others product on their website, you will take an any product affiliate link that you can use to start promoting the types of products you want.

When you promote that link and someone clicks on it and buys that product, you make a commission!

The principle of affiliate marketing is simple, but building an online business takes a little more learning.

And if you if you don’t build it the right way then your system could not generate money (commission), you’ll give up on this business model

So, How to start an online business that you have everything in one place (website, hosting, Keyword research tool, website monitoring, live chat, community help instantly, many training classes, step by step follow to success)



Make money online is a job and need to learn a new skill to work.

But, Affiliate Marketing, it’s one of the easier business models to learn and use.

With the right training, you will be able to build an online business that will produce a very comfortable stream of income for you, passive income, event become financial freedom.

However, to success on this business requires real work, hard work, consistency, and definitely commitment.

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme, there are many who try to use this business model for scams, but it never works out.

the-best-way-to-make-money-online-from-home-4Many try to just spam the internet with affiliate links, and that never works out neither, they only like spammer and annoying.

How to build It The Right Way? here is MINDSET


To build this Affiliate Marketing business properly, you need to build a website that offers VALUE.

You need to build a business that HELPS people. If you help people, there will be no selling needed in affiliate marketing!

You need to know how to use and choose the words that people use to search on Google and other search engines so that your website can be FOUND.

Once you know that, the traffic (visitors) comes to you, the money comes to you, awesome ! you don’t need to go chase the money (like the scam products make you do).

BIG questions, right for everyone that Where will I start?


This is a question of the majority of people who have difficulty, not succeed on the internet, they has concerns about starting.
You may think by now, “a website… that seems like a BIG wall to climb and I know nothing about it.”

Or, you may think, “I don’t know how to write, I hate writing. What will I say?”

And you may even think, “I don’t know what I can offer people of value, what topic should I choose? ”

Do you thinks those above matter is right? You are struggling in it.

You RIGHT but you also WRONG ? WHY?

It is right when you just sit there and speculate without doing anything.
BUT when you want to be what you think, you act, do it real, learn and be ready to overcome it even when it is difficult. You will succeed.

Please believe Me, Why?

You will succeed and what you pass will be the motive, more meaningful to you when you win, on the top of the glory glance and see down.

Where should I start and where would be the best place to train, help me build this great online business system?

Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you
Will you think this is a scam to earn your money?

But no, this is really a reliable place for you to get started on building your best online business system that I’ve ever encountered.

When I first came to WA, I was just as shy and fearful of fraud and “sparkles” in the past, wasting a lot of money and time. But WA is real, and I’m no longer a free member outside of WA, which is now a WA premium member.

It’s really great and I think I really found gold.

With many other programs they may not let you go through the system to check the truth and consider whether it’s right for you or not. However, with Wealthy Affiliate you are fully experienced with high-end features just as a free member.

I will also show you some very good features that make up the difference of Wealthy Affiliate that you should join:

The Best training course:

What is Wealthy affiliate ?

All the concerns you have had previously will be answered in their Online Business Certificate course.

The course is laid out in a simple, easy-to-understand way with a 50-lesson course, step by step, each lesson will teach you how to build your website, how to choose your topic, what you should write , how to write, how to select search terms called keywords, and more.

All the lessons are also tasked at the end, encouraging you to take action and build your business online while you study in parallel.

Have discussion areas and a question button with lessons if you have any questions or concerns.

When you are a FREE member you will also experience 10 very valuable lessons that read your thoughts

The Best Business Tools

  1. Website: Not only training, WA also provides you with a range of commercial tools and utilities included. Of course, WA is always respectful of the user experience as a free member. You are offered 2 free websites to start practicing.
    Building a website is easy in just 4 simple steps with WA’s SiteRubix tool
  2. Hosting: It’s great, your website is free including domain name, moreover it always works as a real store, because WA not only provide the hosting site, they are always optimized, Upgrades system to ensure maximum performance, security, and periodic backups.
  3. Keyword Research Tool: This is really important, helping you get targeted, focused traffic to drive organic traffic to your site.
  4. Website monitor and management tools:It is difficult to monitor website system, your online business: performance report, page load speed, google indexing, number of posts, …However, almost all in 1, the siterubix tool with Site Manager function completely help you do this easily.
  5. And more: like site comment, site feedback, …so join and explore it

The Best support system

live chat in Wealthy Affiliate community

There are both free and paid members like me who are very surprised by the support system of  Wealthy Affiliate.

All your difficulties, just ask questions and put up, in just a few seconds, a series of answers help you clear, step by step.

You almost do not have to wait, something that probably never before I know about Wealthy Affiliate can support such good.

This is a live chat system that connects thousands of people in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

WA has a blog system, internal messaging works very well, has membership rating, but this helps you to get help from experienced people faster, even to the owner The Wealthy Affiliate is also available to assist you.

You literally have experts in the field at your fingertips!

Wealthy Affiliate is the BEST with All in ONE = Training - Tools - Support

Wealthy Affiliate Membership fee ?

What I mentioned above are just some of the highlights and still not enough to know about WA with you.
And maybe you’ll want to discover, experiment with this system, remember that it’s always free to go through

Here is two about Wealthy Affiliate membership options:

  1. FREE Starter Membership – Sign Up HERE – you will get 2 free websites, first 10 lessons free, 30 searches in the keyword tool, plus you’ll get to test out the Premium features for the first 7 days.  This is not a free trial as you can keep your free membership status as long as you want.
  2. Premium Membership – Sign Up HERE – $49/month or $359/year (savings of $229/year), you’ll get:
    • 25 free websites
    • 25 hosting for custom domains
    • Full Access to All Training Courses
    • SSL Certifications
    • Private Domain Registration
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Private Messaging
    • Live Chat
    • Live Weekly Training Webinars
    • Unlimited Keyword Searches
    • Private access to owners
    • Website Feedback platfrom
    • Website Comment platform
You will not find a training platform as unique or offer as much as affiliate affiliate.

Here is your ticket to the best way on how to make money online from home, you will not find a better system or program!

And you see here, just as I am as a premium member with the annual cost of studying just under a dollar a day, adding the best way to save a lot of money that gets so much value.

I know you will make the right decision for yourself.

I hope that the above sharing is useful, giving you an overview, giving you a chance to succeed online.

When you decide to join, I will always be there to help you. Open my welcome message as soon as you are in WA.

Create your free account here

If you have any questions or concerns about WA or would like to discuss with me about other online earning opportunities, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.
You and I are Friends, and I will definitely respond soon.

The wealthy affiliate university review 2018 – SCAM or BIG legit

In the previous article You got to understand the truth behind WA. If you have not seen it, please refer to it later, here
Read more: The wealthy affiliate university review 2018 – What’s the facts ?

Today I will take a deeper review about WA, WA provides what and how it works. This post will be a completely honest and very personal review that I hope will clear up any misconceptions you may have about Wealthy Affiliate .

Is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate or a scam?


They provide you with a blueprint for online success with the best affiliate marketing training currently on the internet

WA have built up a reputation for being ethical marketers.

Some of the many benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

  • World Class training
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access to Kyle & Carson (Co-founder and Owners)
  • Premium Web Hosting
  • Constantly improving training
  • Constantly Improving learning platform
  • Live webinars weekly.
  • Active a huge community

What is different and why is WA ?

Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best All-in-One platform for aspiring entrepreneurs,if you want to start an online business but are not sure what tools and services you require,Wealthy Affiliate is for you, at there You will have all-in-1 what’s necessary to start to build your business online.

Beside, with over the course of its 13-year existence, it is more than just a platform to build your online business, it has built up a huge community of online entrepreneurs who are more than willing to help you along your journey anytime you ask them, no need to waiting.

There are many online platforms that claim to offer what Wealthy Affiliate offers,some of them are alright,many are just complete rubbish, just the promise, when you meet the deadlock will be very long, even no one to help you that charge way too much and only a few have been in business as long as Wealthy Affiliate.

And none of them provide the tools, resources and support at such an affordable price like Wealthy Affiliate does, and only two level: FREE, PREMIUM without any up-sale later.


Wealthy Affiliate is continually evolving and innovating by utilising the latest technology to make building an online business as simple as possible

In this review, you will also see exactly why Wealthy Affiliate is my No.1 rated programme for affiliate marketers, newbie, even pro.

What are WA training ?

Wealthy Affiliate provides a comprehensive training programme to start making money online through affiliate marketing with  three main course:
– Online Entrepreneur Certification (5 Levels) >> View here
– Affiliate Bootcamp (7 Phases) >> View here

and some class room with addition course

Although have many class but WA provide members with a blueprint to follow.

This is a comprehensive course in affiliate marketing, it consists of 5 levels covering the basics of affiliate marketing to more advanced material like PPC marketing. Each level consists of 10 lessons composed of both written and video tutorial.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

WA Course

Level 1: is free for Starter Membership. This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.


Level 2:  Teaches you how to drive traffic to your site through content marketing,you will learn how to pick the right keywords and create content that people will love.You will also be taught about the need to brand yourself properly, so people in your niche trust you.

Level 3: is all about monetizing your website, whether that be through affiliate marketing or advertising.

Level 4 : Walks you through the importance of having a strong social media presence and how leveraging the social system built in within Wealthy Affiliate can be very beneficial.

Level 5 : Is more about the importance of creating good content how this will set you for more success.

By the time you finish the course you will have a fully functioning website that will be generating traffic and making you some money.


Affiliate Bootcamp


Whilst the Online Entrepreneur Certification course is geared towards finding a niche that you are passionate about and creating a website around that niche,the Affiliate Bootcamp is slightly different.

This course is a 10 lessons and by the time you are finished this course, you are going to have your foundation for a long term and very lucrative business online set out!


Some people may not be able to find a profitable niche or the niche they are passionate about is too competitive or there is no market for it. The guys at WA realize that not everyone will find a subject to build a website around, and this is where the Affiliate Bootcamp comes in.

This is as comprehensive as the certification course, except the training is geared towards promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Since Wealthy Affiliate has the best training in affiliate marketing, the basic concept is to find ways to promote Wealthy Affiliate any way you can.


This can be done through writing articles about the many benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. For example, you can write about these subjects and promote Wealthy Affiliate;
  2. Web Hosting (Wealthy Affiliate Offers Premium WordPress Hosting)
  3. Keyword Research Tools (They provide a premium Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy)
  4. Website Builder ( They have a super fast website builder called SiteRubix)
  5. Website Security (Web sites are protected by several layers of security on the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Platform)
  6. SEO ( Wealthy Affiliate Offers training on how to get your sites ranked on search engines)

And many more ways that the training within Wealthy Affiliate can be leveraged to build an online business.

Weekly Live Training


Only available for the premium membership, that you will have access to the live training that takes place within Wealthy Affiliate. These webinars cover different topics each week and are archived so that you can access them anytime you want.

After each webinar, there is a Q&A and further discussions between the host and Wealthy Affiliate members.

Below are just some of the hundreds of webinars available to Wealthy Affiliate premium members.

Live Chat – Very Helpful


Another innovative feature of Wealthy Affiliate is its live chat forum,in here you can share ideas,get help,talk to the owners and other successful entrepreneurs. No other training provider has this unique feature and it gives Wealthy Affiliate a community feeling, you will never feel alone with Wealthy Affiliate.

Tools available in Wealthy Affiliate

Keyword Research

Affiliate marketing requires you to have a keyword tool or have access to one, fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate has you covered here as well.

Keyword research is important because you want to know what your target audience is searching the internet for, so that you can write content around those keywords and drive them to your site. That is SEO in a nutshell!!

Wealthy Affiliate recently made a huge update to its keyword research tool, you now have access to Jaaxy with Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Jaaxy is the standalone keyword research tool from the Wealthy Affiliate team. It is a powerful tool for keyword and niche research.

On its own,it retails for $49 pm and $99 pm,however, they have recently integrated the Jaaxy keyword research tool with the Wealthy Affiliate platform and now members have an even more powerful research tool for their online business.

TRY FREE WITH Jaxxy keyword tool NOW

As you can see from the image below, premium members get this software with their membership of Wealthy Affiliate. You can upgrade if you want to get more features but that isn’t necessary.

Some of the features that come with Jaaxy include:

  1. Keyword difficulty analysis and show what domain name is available to buy for you 🙂
  2. Unlimited keyword searches (for Paid Account and 30 seaches on FREE account)
  3. Save the keyword lists
  4. Check your ranking, competition for keywords you are targeting
  5. Affiliate program finder

SiteSpeed – SiteSSL – SiteProtect (Spam Blocker)

SiteProtect (Spam Blocker)

one of many factors that the search engines as Google determine how they rank websites is how fast a website loads. If it is slow loading website,Google will rank you lower than those sites that load faster.

Fortunately,Wealthy Affiliate has taken care of this part of SEO,they have an innovative piece of technology called SiteSpeed, it will drastically speed up your website load time and thus increasing your chances of Google ranking you higher in the search engines.

You can also see on the hosting dashboard what needs to be improved on your site to speed it up faster.

Website, Domain and Hosting

The website building platform within Wealthy Affiliate is WordPress. WordPress is the popular use, leading content management system in the world and powers nearly a third of the internet. It’s not only is it SEO friendly but it has a massive community of volunteers that are more than willing to help you should you ever need any help.

Further, building website with WordPress is pretty easy and made even easier by SiteRubix tool in Wealthy Affiliates – latest technology. By this tool, you can build a website less than 1 minute. One of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate is that they are constantly improving their services and platform with the latest technology.

Take a look at some of the improvements to the previous and current home page:

and also with FREE MEMBER SHIP, you can create two websites and own forever.

You can try to create your FREE WEBSITE HERE or bellow

With the paid membership, you get to host 50 websites built upon the fastest and most secure web servers that are available.

All websites on the Wealthy Affiliate platform are hosted on the super fast Amazon web servers, these are the same servers that host major brands like Netflix, Comcast.

Within the Premium membership, you also get other services within the SiteRubix platform. These are some features available:

Free website with SiteRubic in Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Check website health
  2. See if website has been indexed by Google
  3. Ask for feedback (increasing the comment on your website by bonus points – a good community feature in WA to encourage interaction, support members’ website)
  4. Ask for comments on your site (by bonus points)
  5. Register your domain (WA direct supply)
  6. 24/7 support (Very good, quickly response)
  7. Dedicated email accounts follow domain name for each website

Building a website within SiteRubix takes just minutes, there are just 04 steps


  1.  Choose domain name
  2.  Pick your website title
  3.  Choose a theme from the thousands available
  4. Build your website.

WA is a proven system – A lot of people success with Wealthy Affiliate

Maybe you not yet believe now, but these success stories should also erase any scepticism that many may find with Wealthy Affiliate.
You can try it with FREE MEMBER FOREVER with $0, and can upgrade anytime is you sure about it, found it really is where you need it, really useful.
Although you have not yet started but I believe you will like it right after joining and experiencing.



and more, you will see, meet, talk with them in Wealthy Affiliate community without Premium Account, only with FREE ACCOUNT.


Read more: What is difference between a Premium vs Starter membership in Wealthy Affiliate ?


Wealthy Affiliate is the premier training platform for any aspiring entrepreneur, it’s training, hosting and interactive community forum is second to none.

To start an online business you have everything in one place (Website, hosting, Keyword research tool, website performance and monitoring, Live chat, cummunity help instantly, many training classes, step by step follow to success)

They provide is the tools, services for you to succeed online and they always improved.

If You are serious about starting an online business,Wealthy Affiliate is the place you want to be.

Remember that, WA allow you can joined it with FREE ACCOUNT FOREVER and Trial use for 7 days with some advanced feature, ensure you have enough time to consider, exactly aware what’s really happen in that, not only heard from other ones.


I have tried to evaluate all of WA’s supply issues honestly but nonetheless it is my subjective opinion, and the final decision is yours. It is free and you have the opportunity to experience it before you decide to upgrade to the insurance member so be sure to check it out after you join. You will know whether you continue to go or not. And you will know WA is a scam or not, or it is where you need it and should start immediately.

            Are you ready! Let’s survey WA with FREE ACCOUNT NOW

Thanks for reading the post and do not forget to leave your own feelings by commenting in the box below. I am very sincere about your ideas for me to better sharing for the community.