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Create free business website just in 30 seconds – Professional website, free lifetime

Why do you need a website and Where you can create free business website just in 30 seconds ?

Every successful business online has a website.  Plain and simple.   It is the foundation of your business, it is where you will be generating traffic, building relationships with people, building followings, building a brand, and generating revenue.

Opportunity to get a free website is very much, go to google and search, it will show you a list of free website providers for you. That you can create a website with blogger.com, wordpress.com,… But,  It is important to have access to a platform that you can trust, that is efficient, and that is progressive in terms of technology and overall security.

Over time, as your website grows, then you probably will not want to use the free platform with limited features that convert all to premium to optimize, professional with many pro features. It also offers 24/7 support when you need it, back up your system, email, etc. However, the cost to operate, the utility, the price of the provider that you are using may not meet your needs at an acceptable cost.

Many providers will require you to spend more money on the features you want, such as the cost of having an email system by domain name, the cost of protecting your privacy, or transferring your website to the home system. Provide other trouble and you will be very time consuming, effort for this. It will really be a nightmare for you if you intend to continue to grow your online business long term.

That is what you will come to expect with the SiteRubix platform at Wealthy Affiliate, They have truly taken the website creation, building and management process to the best I met.


Why should you choose the website was builded at Wealthy Affiliate

  • WordPress based sites (the top website platform in the world)
  • Optimized for speed, security, and protected from spam and hackers
  • Ready to succeed in ANY niche
  • They are hosted on our state of the art, lightening speed hosting platform
  • They come pre-installed with the most important plugins (feature enhancements)
  • Beautifully designed (you have 12 themes to choose from as Starter, 3,000 as Premium)
  • You get TWO websites for completely FREE with your Starter membership (50 within Premium)

The process of building a website literally takes 30 seconds.  I want you to take the opportunity today to test it out for yourself.

WATCH VIDEO: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

This is going to walk you through the process as I show you LIVE how to create a fully functional WordPress website in less than 30 seconds.  I think you are going to be amazed as to how easy this really is. 🙂

Easy to build your OWN niche website (in less than 30 seconds)

If you was membership in Wealthy Affiliate, let go to your “SiteRubix” tab within and you will see the SiteBuilder link within the pop out menu.  That is where you will go to build your website, when you are ready.

SiteRubix - Steps to create free business website just in 30 seconds

SiteRubix – Steps to create free business website just in 30 seconds

What Is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is a powerful hosting and publishing platform created for the training at Wealthy Affiliate University. It also provides domain registration, transfers and professional monitoring to help improve the quality and performance of websites in general.

Wealthy Affiliate is best Domain & Hosting suppier in offering the most robust website platform in the space, with many WA only features.  These include the SiteManager, SiteDomains, SiteHealth, SiteComments, SiteSSL, SiteContent, SiteImages, SiteEmail, SiteSupport, and much more!

As with anything, if you ever have any questions about the process of building a website or ANY aspect of your online business, leave a question within the training comments or jump in a live chat and you will have instant access to a community of help!

06 Steps to buil a Free website with Rubix

Step 1: Visit SiteRubix.com and type a domain name for your new website e.g. “affiliatewithnam”. With free website, your domain will be Your Domain Name + “.siterubix.com

create free business website just in 30 seconds

Step 2: If you are membership of Set up an account in order to create your website. Doing this will also give you access the getting started online business training. (You don’t have to do any training or use any of the tools if you don’t want to, however, you will have to set up a free account in order to create your free website)

create free business website just in 30 seconds

Step 3:  Choose a Free domain, and type in the name of your website e.g. “AffiliateWithNam”

create free business website just in 30 seconds

create free business website just in 30 seconds

 Step 4:   Enter a title for Your website, e.g: Affiliate With Nam

create free business website just in 30 seconds


Step 5: Choose a theme and Click to build a FREE website.

Have 12 themes available for you choose to start with FREE account and over 2870 themes for a premium account.

create free business website just in 30 seconds

create free business website just in 30 seconds

Step 6: Finally, With just a single click, your site will go live. Following that, a secured password will be generated to allow you to login to your WordPress site.

create free business website just in 30 seconds


Visit your new website! You’ll be given the login details to access your new website which you can access via Wealthy Affiliate, or you can direct access your website as follow website address on your browser: http://yoursitename.siterubix.com/wp-admin or Homepage at http://yoursitename.siterubix.com, e.g: http://affiliatewithnam.siterubix.com/


A free website was created

CONGRATULATION! You already can create a FREE website by now

Why should you use the SITERUBIX website builder

Below I will briefly highlight some of the great features that Siterubix has to offer, and why I recommend it as a website builder

  • It’s FREE to create
  • It doesn’t take long
  • It’s easy to set up
  • You get quality hosting from Wealthy Affiliate, which offers spam protection and server monitoring
  • When you set up your free site your create an account with the Wealthy Affiliate Free starter training program
  • When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you get:
    • 10 training lessons on how to set up website
    • Support
    • 2 Free websites
  • Create websites that you can monetize and are able to rank on Google


Finally, I just wanted to quickly mention, as a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to over 3,000+ theme designs, 50,000+ feature enhancement plugins, and over 1,000,000 high quality images that you can leverage to beautify and advance your website. All completely included!

Refer: Why should you create a premium account in Wealthy Affiliate – What is difference between a Premium vs Starter/Free account

I hope the post could help you useful, and if you liked it please feel free to share it with others.

If you have any questions/comments  about how to create your website or the Wealthy Affiliate program, please write them in the comment section as below and I’ll be happy to help you out.