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The load speed will affect search rankings on mobile – New update 2018 from Google

As new from Google, On January 17th, on the Webmaster Central Blog, Google has officially announced that they will use web load speed as a factor to rank mobile search. This policy will come into effect from July 2018.

So, after nearly 8 years since the announcement of the use of web load to search rankings (but only apply on desktop, laptop ), Google has expanded its policy in the context of the use of mobile devices has become more popular than ever.

The load speed will affect search rankings on mobile

“Speed ​​Update” will only affect the pages that provide the slowest user experience and will only affect a small percentage of search queries. It applies the same criteria to all websites, regardless of the technology used to build that website. However, the purpose of a search query is still a very influential criterion, so a slow-loading website can still be ranked high if it has good quality and relevant content.
Although there is no direct tool to figure out whether a site is affected by this new ranking factor, here are some resources that can be used to evaluate performance.

The tools to test the website load speed:

Chrome User Experience Report

A public data set of important user experience metrics for popular web pages around the world.



Chrome User Experience Report

A part of the Chrome Developer Tools that helps to test the quality (performance, accessibility, etc.) of web pages.

PageSpeed ​​Insights:


Pagespeed Insight


A tool that shows how well your site performs based on Chrome’s user experience report and suggests performance optimization methods.


For more information on this new policy, please refer to here.

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