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What is difference between a Premium vs Starter membership in Wealthy Affiliate ?


What is Wealthy affiliate ?

What’s Wealthy Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was created to help people get a solid and proper start in the online business world…It does this in an effective  manner that I have not seen with any other similar program on the internet…

The two co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate are named Kyle and Carson, and they truly care about helping people, and it shows in this online education platform they have created…

Over the ten years since the founders created and then guided the growth of Wealthy Affiliate, they have continued to innovate and improve their numerous and complete services offered regularly for members, and today it is the leading site for online training to learn affiliate and online marketing.

After we cover the Starter Level membership, we will move to the Premium Level so you can understand more clearly just what you’re getting and why being a Premium Member is the right choice if you are serious about Online Marketing and Make Money Online

What is included in your Starter membership?

 Great that you never pay a cent to become a Starter member  and no credit card required.

If there are many other programs with WA you are allowed to experience the free system suite as a Startup member.

To become a Starter member, simply sign up for a free one-click account and no further requests will make it difficult for you to become a Starter member.

Upgrading your membership to Premium will always be an option for you, but what I find is that you never feel pressured to do so. Many choose to upgrade when they are ready and many do not and that is totally up to you.

The membership of Wealthy Affiliate gives you an open door to excellent training platform and community.

After signing up, You will receive a lot of value that you have never found anywhere else provided to You as a free member.

And here is what you get in the starting member position:

Benefit #1:  Join the online entrepreneurship course & Affiliate Bootcamp course

This is where you learn the process of making money online and find out how you can participate in the action.

Each lesson includes step-by-step video tutorials, detailed tutorials and interactive questions and answers, and comes with assigned tasks, which means you can start building a business online. Online success is when you work your way through the course.

This is a great thing that I love the most when trying to join WA.

Lessons are simply presented with clear step-by-step video that anyone can understand and follow very easily.

At the end of the assignment is always the task assigned to test your knowledge and motivate you to take action to achieve results in accordance with the requirements of the lesson.

Benefit #2:  Two FREE Websites

Free website with SiteRubic in Wealthy Affiliate

All new members get access to the great SiteRubix site building platform in just 04 simple steps, less than 30 seconds to complete your own site (with addition .siterubic.com at the end of domain name). Moreover, you will not only receive a website with your own domain name but will also be hosted for free forever.

Benefit #3:  Awesome Affiliate Community

live chat in Wealthy Affiliate community

WA is a buzzing place with activities. What happens here with the community that makes you addicted to interacting with others. You can chat, share experiences, celebrate your successes, ask questions, and get answers from the full WA community for helpful and friendly members helping each other to reach their goals. their.

All questions are answered in less than 3 seconds, almost always there are people waiting for you to ask and support You solve.

I am sure you will like me love this community, friendly people and always ready to help others grow together even you are FREE MEMBERSHIP, that’s not a issues and of course you will realize very rarely where there is a community with help Immediately. It makes you more confident in your work, building your online business from here, in WA.

Benefit #4: Make Money As An Affiliate 

Affiliate Programs in wealthy affiliate

Making money online is my passion and is the wish of so many people to become financially free and live their dream life. With WA you can make money online with affiliate marketing programs created by WA, and even earn a greate commission, making it a full-time income stream.

Even as a Starter member, you will be accepted as an affiliate of WA. This means you can use your website to promote and expand on the benefits that WA offers to others, and get paid when others sign up using your affiliate link.

WA offers one of the best and highest paid affiliate programs you will find online! So if you have a lot of contacts on Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Facebook, etc. or maybe through an email list, share the opportunity and get rewarded! You have full access to the WA affiliate program which can lead to a recurring income stream.

This can lead to a recurring income stream for you and this goes on as long as the referrals are paying members. The WA site sells itself, but there is lots of competition in this niche, so to be realistic,

VERY AWESOME WHEN You have just learned how to build a profitable online business and have the opportunity to earn even if you are a beginner at Zero of cost, it is great.

 So, You can get many benefits as a Starter/FREE MemberShip and all for a simple name and email address! You will not find an offer like this anywhere else on the internet, not have to pay any penny at this level.

Click Here Now To Create Your FREE Starter Profile & Get Started!

   GO ON……

Now that you understand what is provided as a Starter Member at no cost, you can better understand what the difference is and why you should upgrade to become a Premium Member of WA. There are many differences and they are huge, specially at valuable assistance in getting your own online marketing business up to successful.

If you are thinking that the Starter Level is a awesome offer, you would be right. If you thought that it seems like there is no need to upgrade to a Premium Member, you would be mistake, Premium is going to blow your mind.  The Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership just goes ridiculous and takes it up a gear…

I say this because as hard as it may be to imagine that the premium program could be better, it is. The are a lot of differences between the two.

So, here I will show you some features at Premium Level is very better than Starter Level to answer bellow question:


#1. Full Access to Any course on WA (the Online Entrepreneur Certification courses, Affiliate Bootcamp)

WA Course

If the Level 1 training was just laying the foundation, then you’re going to catapult your success as you go through the next 40 lessons. There are  05 levels of certification training (50 lessons) and 07 Affiliate bootcamp (70 lessons) available to Premium Members. .

This is the best online business training course you’ll find anywhere.


This is what will transform you from newbie to pro online entrepreneur and equip you with everything you need to be successful.
Note this training is also “action-based” meaning that you will be actually doing on your own sites what is being taught and you will be an expert after completing all of them.

The training is interactive, action-based and cutting-edge. Anyone who works their way though these 5 phases and completes the assigned tasks will have a full fledged income-generating business on their hands.

#2. Full access to learn from many blogs, comments in WA community

Starting since 2005, over the years many really good and useful posts have been added.

Whether it is success stories, inspiring posts, training, hints or tips, or even problems with answers in the comment section, you will have access to these as a Premium Member.

Daily new posts are added by current members and the conversation continues with current subjects in the online marketing business. These will help you in making sure that you are up to date regarding requirements to successfully conduct your business.

this is a source to reference so great value, You can learn very many from that, who have started as you now and this time they have shared their experiences by posts, blog, comment to the WA community.

#3. Owner 50 Websites with Unlimited storage of hosting

Free website with SiteRubic in Wealthy Affiliate

As a premium member, you can have hosted 25 websites without any additional charges. This means you can enter into a number of niches, make demo or test websites, or use some of that space for sales.

The premium level membership includes access to their proprietary website platform they call SiteRubix. To help you get started, they have a website builder application wherein you can create a website in 3 easy steps .

You get top quality monitoring of your sites, protecting you against spam and security breaches many other hosts either cannot offer, or do so at an additional markup. They have an excellent support system in place 24/7 and answer queries quickly

Another benefit this hosting includes is that the servers are managed, meaning that your sites are hosted on the server with the least activity, as possible.

This means that for your website visitors your site loads and navigates between pages quickly, and of course, that improves your user’s experience.

They do not overload the servers either, there are a reasonable number of websites on a server, which also helps make sure things do not bog down or crash.

In the year that I have had hosting service, there has been only one downtime, so the online percentage is well above 99%. This is yet another important benefit that can save you many hundreds of dollars over a year.

#4. Use Full tools and Unlimited keyword searches

The Premium Membership gives you instant access to every tool and resource you’ll need in one place. This includes a keyword research tool,You can use this tool on an unlimited basis. If you are new to the business, suffice it to say that you will need a tool like this to make sure that you are creating content that people are looking for.

Displaying search and traffic data from the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing, this keyword research tool will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors and help you reach that all important top spot, to unlock top Google rankings.

#5. Attend many Live, weekly video classes

Wealthy Affiliate hosts interactive webinars every week and Only for Premium Member. Watch live, get involved in the discussion and ask your questions .s, a weekly live webinar is presented. The training covers new and timely topics. the level of training ranges from beginner level to advanced.These videos are powerful, easy to follow, and offer comprehensive

They are very useful and easy to follow along with. Lots of ideas are presented and actual walk-throughs are shown so viewers can better understand what is being taught.

As a Premium Member, you will also have access to the large library of recorded webinars that have been presented in the past. You can replay these as many times as might be necessary and they are always available to you. There is a huge list of subjects you can access.

#6. A good Community support – member mentoring

With Starter Member, You only have 07 days to use the Live chat but will available at Premium level.

There are a good number of Premium Level members on Wealthy Affiliate and they regularly contribute to the membership through publishing useful posts and tutorials, and they do not mind offering their expertise to members, and at no cost.

Some of these members are quite successful with their online marketing business and don’t have any distinction in here, so you can live chat, private message to talk with on a regular basis. This is a feature you will not find anywhere else, the WA community is very wonderful, You will love them as me.

#7. Personal support from WA Co-Founders Kyle and Carson

If you need kind of direct one-on-one type mentoring, you will be able to get it. The two co-founders spend a lot of time on the site helping members and they will respond if you send them a request.

They’ve been at this business for 11+ years so not only are they experts in their field, they really do want to see you succeed. If you need advice, want feedback or just like to bounce ideas around, as a Premium member you can contact them directly at any time.

You see, Wealthy Affiliate Programs are so great with the things you will get, while in other places don’t have. How much will you lose for the super-affiliates or a well-known IM coach with 1-on-1 training. Certainly, that would be a lot more than the annual cost to become Premium Member ship at Wealthy Affiliate

How much does a Premium membership cost?

Month-to-month membership – If you choose to pay monthly it’s $49 per month. ($19 for the first month if you upgrade within 07 days of creating your Starter account). There’s no contract and you can cancel at anytime.

Yearly membership – The yearly price hasn’t changed since Wealthy Affiliate was first launched in 2005. With the yearly option you invest $359 per year and save 36%

Click Here Now To Create Your FREE Starter Profile & Get Started!

Starter vs Premium Overview in Wealthy Affiliate


Starter vs. Premium, which membership should you choose to start now?

We’ve gone through the differences between the Starter and Premium membership options at Wealthy Affiliate, hopefully you’ve got a better understanding of what’s included in both and the pros and cons of both.

My advice to you, if you’re unsure about which level of membership you should go for, would be try Wealthy Affiliate out for yourself first and take advantage of the Starter membership (it is FREE) as a test drive as this will give you time to work through the first phase of training and experience the super helpful community first-hand.

Whichever route you go down, there’s definitely great value in both the Starter and Premium memberships.

Believe me, WA is the best and You will love it more and more when enjoining it, even with only FREE or Starter membership.

Focus – We are Friends

Finally, Are you a Starter or a Premium member at WA? What do you think are the biggest differences between the two? And if you have not enjoined yet, please start now and share your feeling and thinking or if you have any question of anything you’re unsure about it, by comment your question in the section below.

When you do this we all learn and grow as online marketers, and there is no better way to learn than through an open discussion. Thanks in advance for your participation, and I will always get back to you! Really I will : )