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The wealthy affiliate university review 2018 – What’s the facts ?

Wealthy Affiliate Overview Review

Overall Ranking: 96 out of 100.
Price: Starter membership is FREE $0; Premium membership is $19 the first month, then $49 per month.
Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.
Website: WealthyAffiliate.com


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What about Wealthy Affiliate University ?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform where you can learn how to become an Affiliate Marketer and start building Profitable businesses online, have a very good online community membership program!

Wealthy Affiliate actually teaches you from the basic to advance level by step by step how you can create a profitable Affiliate or Niche specific website on the internet.

If you are newbie, even a pro in building the online business, You can learn much from Wealthy Affiliate Programs. It’s very simple to understand every thing on the way to success to make online business and make money online with affiliate and others.

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Who are Wealthy Affiliate University owners ?

The founders, also owners of Wealthy affiliate is Kyle and Carson from British Columbia Canada.
On September 2005 they started a site to help Internet marketers with Keyword lists, and with the pass of time and more 750 updates per year and 155 system improvements just on the past year, Wealthy Affiliate is a top hosting and affiliate training platform.
Until now, the WA is always the best on over the world for education about how to buid a online business easy with a very good WA community.

Kyle and carson

Kyle and Carson very friendly to talk or ask for helping, they already reply your comment, teach everyone, even 1-on-1 coaching you.
Beside they are accessible for every member plus they give live video training every Friday night, but you can replay to watch it later anytime

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Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

Wealthy Affiliate University Pros

  1. FREE forever for access at Starter Membership plan available and forever,
    Access to Personal Help for your questions; a 1-on-1 support system, from higher mentoring in WA community instantly.
  2. Access to Advanced Training, a Clear Plan of Action with many tasks you need to do following to understand and step by step.
  3. Access to lots of Video Training Courses, proven step-by-step guides and Tutorials, Walk-through video can help you very easy to do what you learned.
  4. All levels of affiliate marketing training is available; from Newbie’s (complete Beginner) to Advanced level, huge online community with thousands of active members; friendly, experience always ready to help more .
  5. Access to Wealthy Affiliate interactive Classrooms and with lots of tasks-based tutorials,
    24-hours Live and interactive help system; you’ll get helps from expert members, including the founders, higher mentoring.
  6.  Access to Profitable list of Keywords with high traffic and low competition; the keywords are regularly updated to keep up-to-date with changing trends. It’s very good for anyone.
  7.  Access to advanced Keywords Research Tool. The best research keyword tool, better than Keyword Planner of google (Woa, really!). With FREE account/ Starter membership, You can try it with 30 free searches time, and Unlimited with Premium Membership.
  8.  Easy to create and use WordPress website-builder (Site-Rubix), have over 2,960 and up templates for website building, with many useful functions to help manage, monitoring your own website in easily, included security, WHOIS, automation, and email .
  9.  Wealthy Affiliate provides one of the fastest and most powerful web-hosting services in the industry; Support very quick 24/7, 365 days/year on their web-hosting services.
  10.  Access to more Live Video Training Classes weekly, but can replay anytime.
  11.  Access to Affiliate Marketing Certification programs,A complete strict platform for any form of spam activities; at FREE/Starter membership can do affiliate marketing, but with Premium Member is great with well-advanced affiliate program with the opportunity to create passive income.
Let ME go to WA NOW

Wealthy Affiliate University Cons

  1. With FREE/Starter membership, you only access limited some training course like Affiliate BootCamp level 1, live chat available in 7 days trial,…
    Sp, You have to upgrade to premium membership ($49) before you can access the advanced training courses.
  2.  Wealthy Affiliate community can be very addictive; you’re likely to be spending more time on the website daily, but very funny that because it very helpful, friendly.
  3. For ranking well within the Wealthy Affiliate Community you have to regular interact with the community: commenting on posts, introducing yourself to new members, asking questions, or answering questions, etc; that means the rank is provided by activity and not by results of your online business building.
  4. Become Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership is not cheap for those seeking free information, but it’s worthy for what you need.
Rather than that, being an active member will let you learn faster and start making money sooner.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate University good for?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a “Get Rich Quick” program!

Wealthy Affiliate will only teach you ALL you need to know to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing and the rest is in your hand!

If you want to build a successful online business with step-by-step lessons, receive almost immediate help from thousands of people, an easy-to-manage and professionally managed affiliate system, Wealthy Affiliate is for you!

At Wealthy Affiliate, anyone can create a successful and long-term business from scratch, gaining financial freedom without any experience nor technical knowledge

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate helps you through the process of building your online business by providing a complete set of the most advanced tools and full access to a network of experts on the online business building and make passive income online.

WA Course

Most of what you need to do is learn and follow step by step the contents of the lessons that have been systemized through the levels from low to advanced, the lessons are very simple, easy to understand. When you do what is required (it is not beyond your ability and can always be completed), the path to your success in building an online business is over 90%, is Opportunity to create a sustainable passive income.

You will not forget to ask questions to WA community through Live Chat when you get stuck, they will answer you right away, this is a great thing to do I love WA because when I need to always have someone willing to help without need to wait.

live chat in Wealthy Affiliate community

WA offers an optimized, powerful and extremely efficient domain and hosting system. All in 1, gives many conveniences functions to work efficiently such as tracking google ratings, providing unlimited email accounts, daily website backups, absolute uptime.

How can You make money online with  Wealthy Affiliate ?

Great if you know the Wealthy Affiliate has a Referral Program and allow You can earn revenue by referring Wealthy Affiliate to other people.

Affiliate Programs in wealthy affiliate

The amount of money you can make promoting Wealthy Affiliate is up to the quantities of referrals you get per month.

Specially, even at FREE membership level, You also can use the Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program. At Bootcamp Phase level 1 will teaches you how to start it.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

Have 2 level Membership in Wealthy Affiliate and there are no other upsells after join.

  1. Starter Membership:  $0, ( Join Here)
  2. Premium Membership: $49 Monthly or $359 Yearly, (Join Here)

Wealthy Affiliate is FREE FOREVER FOR YOU

at Starter Membership.

That mean WA allow you join and try use some features in it. When you feel ready to upgrade your membership to Premium, you can make it for as low as for $19 the first month with the 59% discounted price for upgrading your membership during the first seven days after becoming a Starter Member. And If you prefer to pay on monthly it is $49/month.

If you pay annual for a full year, WA give you a discounted price with only $359 for a one-year subscription. However, this yearly price could be changed at the moment you are reading this review, but it is not changed over 10 years from 2005)

Personally, I was feel very excited when met WA, so sure about Wealthy Affiliate training and quality of resources that I did not hesitate to pay a full year of my Premium Membership, and now I still be here 🙂 and welcome you join with me.

What is included in Wealthy Affiliate FREE account?

At Wealthy Affiliate free member account gives you access to:

  1. Affiliate Program access
  2. Live chat Help & Support (first 7 days)
  3. 1-on-1 Coaching (first 7 days.)
  4. Personal Affiliate Blog
  5. 02 Free WordPress Websites (2)
  6. Beginner Training Course (level 1 )
  7. Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Phase 1)
  8. Keyword Research Tool (30 searches)
  9. Training Classrooms (2 class: Getting Started, WA Affiliate Program )

Refer: What is difference between a Premium vs Starter membership in Wealthy Affiliate ?


I guess no words can truly explain to you, what being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate feels like.

When I started off, I was worry due to my previous experiences, about SCAM programs, many programs with many promising irresistible attractions but the results are empty. However, after start as a Starter membership I was pleasantly surprised, and have no regrets in joining WA, my decision only after a day joined as a free member.

Only just $0 Starter fee, you’ve got nothing to lose. Give it a go and meet up with me. If you decide to join, just do me one favor set up your profile account when you sign up.

Hope see you as a WA membership and I will give you a welcome message at that time.


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